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Oatmeal IS THE BEST! It’s exciting, versatile, and delicious!⁠ Not to mention oatmeal i packed with fiber, protein, and many vitamins and minerals we need for a healthy start to the day. This post is all about the different ways you can make oatmeal and the different add-ins and toppings you can choose from. Get […]

Taking supplements is okay! Let me say first, they’re to be used to SUPPLEMENT your diet, not used in place of food . BUT taking supplements doesn’t mean:⁠⁠ You’ve failed⁠ Your diet is unbalanced⁠ Your plant-based diet is deficient⁠ (B12 for another day)⁠ In fact, many people are “low” in something, it’s not uncommon no […]

Who’s guilty of saying this…. “I shouldn’t eat that because…”⁠?⁠When we RESTRICT ourselves it’s so hard to create a sustainable lifestyle in which we’re confident and happy!⁠ So, here are a few things to tell yourself if you’re starting to feel guilty. Stopping The Guilt: Find a food mantra you can recite when feelings of […]

The weather is FINALLY cooling off here in NC. If you’re a fan of autumn and winter comfort food, here are some great gluten-free AND plant-based meal prep ideas for the week. And it’s not just your usual pumpkin spice oatmeal and bowl of chili. I like to mix it up sometimes so meal planning […]

Obviously I think there are lots of reasons to go plant based. BUT there are some serious health benefits by having more plants in your life! ⁠ One of them is heart disease…which is a big concern in the US…it’s the number one killer⁠! ⁠But HOW does plant based actually help reduce heart disease:⁠ ⁠High […]

plant-based diets and heart disease

This past year, you’ve evolved. What you’re eating this holiday season doesn’t look the same as it did last holiday season. You don’t want to be a burden to other people or you’re unsure how you’re going to navigate the upcoming questions from family and friends. I want to let you know that you’re not […]

how to handle thanksgiving when you're new to plant based eating

It is that time of year for sure. Even though the 70 degree weather refuses to leave us here in NC (not complaining), pumpkin season is still in full swing and this hearty, fall-flavored soup will be a must-make this winter. Whether you’re using fresh or canned pumpkin, this is a great one to whip […]

Yeah okay, I know I sound like everyone else talking about vitamin deficiency BUT most of us (plant-based or not) need more Vitamin D!⁠ It is relatively low in the food supply and many of us stay holed up in our offices all day so we miss that UV exposure that helps our bodies synthesize […]

are you getting enough vitamin D?

So, you’ve red my other post about meal prepping tips. You’ve planned your menu, done your shopping and you’re ready to cook. How do you meal prep a week’s worth of food in one day without destroying your kitchen and your sanity? Well, I can help you with the sanity part…your kitchen on the other […]

tips for a successful batch cooking day

It’s NOVEMBER! Already?! It’s crazy, I know. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away I thought I might use that as some inspiration for this week’s meal prep ideas. Breakfast: Pumpkin Scones Easily made gluten-free by subbing out the all-purpose flour for a GF flour blend. I chose to use vegan butter in this recipe […]

Thanksgiving Inspired Meal Prep

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Practicing mindful eating can help you build confidence with your eating habits, contribute to satisfaction in eating, and help you distinguish between emotional and physical hunger.

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