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I grew up on an Angus cattle farm in small-town Indiana. As you might guess, meat and dairy were a big part of daily life. Unfortunately, so were GI issues like chronic constipation. For years, I was told to manage my issues with medication instead of considering the food I was putting into my body.

I earned my Masters of Public Health and Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and became a registered dietitian in 2012. But, even after all that, my issues didn’t completely go away.

It wasn’t until I did personalized research to dive deep into my own life and my own eating habits that I noticed a significant change. For me, this meant transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Virtual Nutrition Coach

I’m Ashley Kitchens 

From an Angus cattle farm to a plant-based lifestyle

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After that transition, I knew there were others who could benefit from a diet filled with more plants. I also knew it was critical for the coaching they received to be based on a deep understanding of their unique situation.

That’s when I realized why I became a dietitian. I made it my mission to help others transition to a plant-centered way of eating through a holistic approach and intuitive eating practices.

The key is paying attention to your individual experience.

The “secret” to healthful nutrition is getting to know yourself. It’s figuring out what makes you feel great, and what doesn’t make you feel great. It’s banishing the idea of restrictions and learning to eat with mindfulness. 

There are no “good” or “bad” foods.

My goal is to help you break down the walls surrounding what you eat. We’re constantly told the secret to losing weight or being healthier is a trendy diet and avoiding certain foods. But that’s simply not true.

Food has the power to help you feel amazing.

- Mary

What I received from working with her was beyond my greatest hope.

My cholesterol is down. I’m eating a way that aligns with my beliefs. I’m moving my body in ways that bring me Joy and energy. Most importantly, I’ve learned to let go of the diet culture mentality, heal my relationship with food, and finally start to love and appreciate my body for all it has done for me.

Ashley helped me become excited for the future with her contagious positivity, love, and support. I’m so grateful I have her in my corner.

I reached out to Ashley because I’d been suffering from high cholesterol since I was 8 years old, 30 years! I knew I wanted to adopt a plant based lifestyle, having been vegetarian off and on. I was also dealing with food allergies. 

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- Meagan

One of my favorite things about Ashley is her desire to continue learning and grow herself. This makes her a great coach and person to have in your corner. She will always be there to celebrate the milestones while still guiding you forward to obtain your goals.

Ashley is kind, knowledgeable, and incredibly dedicated. She knows when to call you out for the sake of accountability while still being your biggest cheerleader.

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- Christa

I’m proud to have gotten energized for meal planning and healthy eating so that I feel better and can do more physical activities. Working with Ashley is a great place to start, great way to get new ideas, motivation and accountability to reach your goals!

I was struggling with getting started eating healthier foods, meal prepping for healthy living and healthy lifestyle. 

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- Jae

She helped me become more aware, listen to my body’s cues, fuel appropriately for my sport, and still enjoy all of my favorite foods while cutting the weight.

I needed and not feeling disordered or absolutely insane in my approach to food. I cannot recommend her enough!

If you want to become healthier, happier, and reach specific goals (she does NOT only focus on weight loss) regarding your nutrition, she is the lady you need to talk to. Thank you, Ashley.

I can’t count the ways Ashley has helped me. The amount of guidance, principles, positivity, structure, and altogether healing she has brought to my life in such a short amount of time…it’s all so priceless.

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