Positively Plant Based is a digital course that teaches how to meet your nutrition needs with a plant-based lifestyle—and without dieting or restriction.  

Transition to plant-based while strengthening your relationship with food

Positively Plant Based

You’ve been trying to eat plant-based but you’re bored as heck with your meals

You struggle with consistency in meal planning or finding plant-based swaps at stores and restaurants

You’re worried about getting enough of the right nutrients while eating plant-based

When you tell people you’re going plant-based, you’re often bombarded with questions you can’t answer about why you want to

You’re worried about falling into another stressful, restrictive diet mindset or your relationship with food is causing some hurdles

But, does any of this sound familiar?

Many people want to go plant-based to be healthier and feel more energized. Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits it can have on your digestion, cholesterol, blood sugar, and beyond. All of which are very possible for you!

Going plant-based comes with it’s challenges. But it can also be one of the most rewarding things you do for yourself when it feels aligned. It should be flexible, fun, and free of shame or guilt. 

When you’re empowered with the fundamentals of nutrition and attuned to listening to your body’s needs, you can take on the world, friend. You can increase your energy levels, sleep better, go to the bathroom more regularly, create nourishing meals that satisfy you from the inside out...

So, we’re here to make the transition easier, joyful, and freeing. 

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of overwhelming information out there that can make it difficult to build a sustainable plant-based lifestyle. You might also worry about falling into a restrictive diet mindset, especially if this has happened to you in the past.

You can feel excited about your food choices, without obsessing over them. 



A self-paced course to help you transition to a sustainable plant-based lifestyle while strengthening your relationship with food. 

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Understand how to meet your nutrient needs through plant-based food and supplements

Save time and money planning and cooking delicious, satisfying plant-based meals and snacks

Silence the conflicting information and restrictive diet culture out there

Feel empowered talking about your food choices with friends, strangers, or your doctor

Eat intuitively and free of restrictions

Build a stronger, loving mindset around food and yourself

After taking Positively Plant-Based, you’ll be able to…

With Positively Plant-Based, you’ll have a go-to resource to help you live a plant-based lifestyle that nourishes you mentally and physically. You’ll walk away feeling more confident in your food choices, excited about meal planning, and at peace in your mind and body.  

Connect with others on a similar journey as you! Share wins, learn from others’ experiences, and post your personal questions which we answer directly.

Access to a private Facebook group with our lovely supportive clients and your fellow course members.

private Facebook group

Stop wasting time researching and trying to decipher truth from opinion! To expand your learning, you’ll have a bank of our pre-approved, research-backed podcasts, book suggestions, articles, videos and more. 

A vault of reliable supplementary resources. So you don’t have to wade through conflicting information online.

resource vault

Use these resources to guide you while shopping, eating out, planning meals, and cooking. There are also journal exercises to help you navigate important mindset shifts.

Over 20 downloadable workbooks, ingredient swaps, checklists, and shopping guides to help you handle any common food situation.

20+ downloadable guides

You’ll feel like Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Ashley is right in your living room! Plus, there’s no need to feel rushed finishing the course. Absorb the material and implement it at your own pace. You can refer back whenever you need to.

Lifetime access to 8 video modules that teach you everything you need to know about transitioning to a sustainable plant-based lifestyle.

Self-paced video modules

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Explore a breakdown of each of the 8 modules below.

You’ll learn how to meet your nutritional needs with plant-based foods and supplements. You’ll learn how to make meal planning and cooking easier and so, so satisfying (i.e. so you don’t feel like you're eating the same plant-based things over and over…).

You’ll also explore your “why” for becoming plant-based. You’ll learn how to confront diet culture and move away from fear and restriction. So you can move from a place of freedom and joy instead!

Here’s the nitty gritty on what you'll learn

The modules


Having a clear “why” for making changes to your food habits has a powerful impact on your journey. You’ll reflect on your reasons for wanting to be more plant-based and set yourself up for progress, not perfection. 

Introduction & Identifying
Your Why 

Module One.


You’ll confront diet culture and limiting beliefs so you can turn your plant-based journey into a sustainable, pressure-free lifestyle—instead of just another diet. You’ll explore your personal dreams, core values, goals, and how this all affects your mindset around food.

Improving Your Mindset Around Food

Module Two.


You’ll learn how to adopt an intuitive eating approach where you trust your body and listen to its cues without judgement, instead of counting calories. You’ll master how to “design” plant-based meals (a new way of thinking vs. the standard American diet). You’ll also learn the essentials on carbs, protein, and fat.

Getting All Your Macronutrients & Rethinking Your Plate

Module Three.


Many people have been told it’s not possible to get all your essential vitamins and minerals from a plant-based diet. We’re here to prove that’s wrong! But it does take some thoughtfulness. From Vitamins B12 and D to iron and omega 3s, you’ll learn why each micronutrient is essential and discover how to get enough of them.

Getting All Your Micronutrients

Module Four.


You’ll learn how to save time, money, and overwhelm when it comes to grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking. From essential equipment to recipe ideas and plant-based ingredient swaps, this module is essential for making plant-based eating sustainable.

Kitchen & Meal Planning Strategy

Module Five.


You’ll learn the 10 principles of intuitive eating and how to make it a natural part of your day. You’ll learn how to trust your body without judgement, leave behind ideas of “good” and “bad” foods, and eat with freedom, not restriction.

Mindful, Intuitive Eating

Module Six.


As you transition to a more plant-based diet, you’re very likely to notice positive changes in the way your body feels. In this module, we’ll zero in on what these changes mean and how to keep feeling your very best using the power of food! We’ll cover things like bloating, poop, sleep, and energy levels—all critical signs of your overall health.

Focus on How Your Body Feels

Module Seven.


In this module, you’ll learn how to navigate eating out, responding to people’s comments, talking to doctors, eating during holidays, and establishing a sense of community. So you can own your plant-based journey for YEARS to come.

Plant-Based in the Real World

Module Eight.

In case we haven’t met yet, I have a Masters of Public Health and Nutrition and have been a registered dietitian since 2012. But, it was after navigating my own journey with food-related GI issues and seeing the benefits of plant-based eating firsthand when I realized why I became a dietitian.

I wanted to help people thrive on a lifestyle filled with more plants and break down the walls surrounding what they eat. So I made it my mission to help others transition to a plant-centered way of eating through a holistic approach and intuitive eating practices.

My inspiration for creating this course was to provide you with an affordable way to learn how to eat more plants and improve your relationship with food. It’s all about banishing the idea of diets and learning to eat with mindfulness. It’s about progress over perfection. Joy over restriction.

Whether you want to be completely plant-based, partially plant-based, or you’re just plant-based curious...Everyone is welcome in Positively Plant-Based!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Founder of Plant Centered Nutrition

Hey! I’m Ashley Kitchens

Meet your teacher

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Four payments
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Transition to plant-based while you become your own biggest fan

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client stories

Rachel Jones

“Ashley has helped me see myself and food in a whole different light. She’s helped me stop focussing on the numbers and empowered me to define my worth far beyond the scale.

Before working with her, there would be times where I wouldn’t eat consistently and I was always skipping meals, which would cause me to binge later on. Now I prioritize my meals everyday and I view eating as a nourishing, positive, joyful experience. I’m also so much more confident planning and cooking plant-based meals.

Plant Centered Nutrition’s approach is the real deal for making a more plant-based lifestyle attainable, sustainable, and enjoyable.”

“I wouldn't be where I am today without Ashley. She has changed my life for the better and no amount of words can express what she has done for me.”

Kim Hawkings

“She looks at the whole picture behind a plant-centred lifestyle and helps you change your entire mindset around how you think about food.

She helps you do the emotional work that got you stuck in the first place, which makes all the nutrition and meal planning fall into place so much easier.

Now, I feel more like myself physically and mentally. I know how to listen to my body and create healthy food behaviors that make a huge difference every day."

“Ashley’s approach resonated with me immediately and it has taken my relationship with food on a complete 360.”

Katie Selvey

“I had a long history of weight issues and really struggled with keeping up a plant-based lifestyle that fit my busy schedule. I also had quite a negative relationship with food and unhealthy habits that were extremely difficult to move past. It felt impossible to climb out of that hole on my own.

Ashley’s approach has lifted me out of that hole. She’s helped me figure out my WHY for being plant-based and changing my relationship with food. I feel confident in my plant-centered lifestyle and the physical benefits I’ve gained are an added bonus. If you’re looking to transition to a more plant-based lifestyle, I couldn’t recommend Plant Centered Nutrition’s approach enough.”

“Ashley’s approach has empowered me to truly believe in progress over perfection which affects the way I build my plate, but it also affects so many other things in my life.”



This course is completely self paced so you can fit your lifestyle. That said, we recommend watching about one module per week and gradually implementing everything you learn. Each video module is about two hours total.

When you get the course, you’ll have immediate access to two modules. The remaining six modules will be released weekly so you can focus your time and energy on each module and not feel rushed or overwhelmed with the process. If you follow the “schedule” you’ll complete the entire course in seven weeks.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course? 


Yes! You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you can post questions for our team to answer.

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with fellow members which is always motivating. It’s empowering to know you have the support of others in a similar boat!

Is there any additional support?


If we were to sum it up in 3 key takeaways, you’ll learn:

1.) How to efficiently and effectively meet all your nutrient needs with a plant-based (or mostly plant-based) lifestyle

2.) How to plan and create satisfying meals that keep you excited about food (so you’re not eating the same thing over and over)

3.) How to create a more positive, loving relationship with food that doesn’t involve dieting or restriction

What will I learn with the course?


Great question! You’ll do a lot of mindset work and journaling around limiting beliefs, your core values, and intuitive eating. So if those are struggles for you, then it could be really valuable.

The course also covers macros, micros, and supplements pretty extensively so it could be a great option if you want to expand your knowledge in that area.

Would this course be good for someone who has been plant-based for a while and is already in love with meal planning?


Not at all! This course is excellent for anyone who wants to increase the amount of plant-based meals they eat in general.

Whether you want to be completely plant-based, partially plant-based, or you’re plant-based curious...Everyone is welcome and there is plenty to learn!

Do I need to go 100% plant-based?


Nope. This course uses an intuitive eating approach, which means we focus on how your body feels rather than counting calories.

You’ll receive guidance on creating a balanced plant-based plate and figuring out how much food your body needs day-to-day, but you won’t be crunching numbers. You’ll learn how to trust your body without judgement, leave behind ideas of “good” and “bad” foods, and eat with freedom, not restriction.

Will I have to count calories?


You want guidance on how to get all your nutrients while eating plant-based

You want to make planning and cooking plant-based meals easier without spending a fortune

You want to understand the facts vs. myths around nutrition and plant-based eating

You want to improve your mindset around food so you can eat from a place of joy and freedom, instead of restriction and guilt

You want a go-to resource on all of the above so you can stop navigating the noise online

You’re ready to make sustainable changes to the way you eat and stop dieting once and for all!

Positively Plant-Based is perfect for you if…

on the fence?


“I was struggling with getting started eating healthier foods and meal prepping for healthy living. I’m proud to have gotten energized for meal planning and healthy eating so that I feel better and can do more physical activities. Working with Ashley is a great place to start, a great way to get new ideas, motivation and accountability to reach your goals!”


“I can’t count the ways Ashley has helped me. The amount of guidance, principles, positivity, structure, and altogether healing she has brought to my life in such a short amount of time…it’s all so priceless.”


“My cholesterol is down. I’m eating a way that aligns with my beliefs. I’m moving my body in ways that bring me joy and energy. Most importantly, I’ve learned to let go of the diet culture mentality, heal my relationship with food, and finally start to love and appreciate my body for all it has done for me.

Ashley helped me become excited for the future with her contagious positivity, love, and support. I’m so grateful I have her in my corner.”


“[Ashley] has helped me build really good habits. Now that I’ve conquered that step, it’s just maintaining and taking it one day at a time. She is amazing. The perfect combination of positivity, sunshine, and knowledge.”


“I was on 11 different medications. Now I’m on 2. My approach to nutrition is completely different. Ashley’s positivity and her logical approach to food has changed my life."

Success Stories From Our Lovely Clients

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