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We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you who want to go plant-based and build sustainable healthful eating habits. Using a heartfelt, practical and personalized approach, we deep-dive into the root causes of your concerns to help you embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

Heartfelt nutrition mentoring


"Our family was really wrestling with increasing the percentage of plant based food into our overall diet; as well as organizing our meal planning/cooking in a healthy sustainable way across a hectic schedule that comes with an active family. The way the entire family has embraced the changes Ashley has introduced. As parents, it's always satisfying when we can implement something we're confident is wholesome and to the benefit of our kids. If we can instill healthy eating habits in them at a young age, that increases the potential for a lifetime love of healthy whole food for them. Erin and I have both come to have a better appreciation for the impact slowing down when eating can have. It has really increased our enjoyment of our meals while making healthier choices.

Ashley was willing to meet us where we were at in the present and work with us step by step, day by day, week by week to make subtle simple changes that are becoming lifestyle habits which are having profound impact. The program hasn't been an "all-in, do it this way or else system". It's been "let's focus on this one or two things this week and pay attention to where that leads us," process. That really resonated with us. It gives us control of our lives and all the while Ashley has been a partner and guide along the journey."

Erin & Paul

"When I contacted Ashley I had been struggling with how to eat to get stronger and at the same time not be so obsessed with the scale. I knew I loved weightlifting but didn't know how to properly fuel my body. At the same time I thought I needed to count everything I ate - calories and macros.

Since working with Ashley, I now appreciate what my body can do at 50. I realize I need to eat to feel good and get stronger and not eat less and be hungry to reach some unrealistic image. I don't feel the need to weigh myself everyday to validate how I am doing.

Ashley's approach to nutrition/diet is different than any other program. She is very in tune with finding the why and how rather than just count calories and macros. Mindful eating has helped so much! If you are struggling with how food makes you feel, either mentally or physically, Ashley is for you."



"I reached out to Ashley because I'd been suffering from high cholesterol since I was 8 years old, 30 years! I knew I wanted to adopt a plant based lifestyle, having been vegetarian off and on. I was also dealing with food allergies. What I received from working with her was beyond my greatest hope. 

My cholesterol is down. I'm eating a way that aligns with my beliefs. I'm moving my body in ways that bring me Joy and energy. Most importantly, I've learned to let go of the diet culture mentality, heal my relationship with food, and finally start to love and appreciate my body for all it has done for me.

Ashley helped me become excited for the future with her contagious positivity, love, and support. I'm so grateful I have her in my corner."



"Yonic and I have been working with Ashley (who we were fortunate to meet/know when we lived in Durham) for a few months now and her approach and coaching to Intuitive Eating is spot on.

I've never felt more liberated and supported to make nutritious and balanced choices around food in my life than I have through working with her. Hands down the best nutritionist to date! She takes virtual clients and you also get access to an extensive online course she created through working with her.

Highly recommend Ashley! Worth every penny and a wonderful investment in your health overall."



"I can’t count the ways Ashley has helped me. The amount of guidance, principles, positivity, structure, and altogether healing she has brought to my life in such a short amount of time…it’s all so priceless.

She helped me become more aware, listen to my body’s cues, fuel appropriately for my sport, and still enjoy all of my favorite foods while cutting the weight I needed and not feeling disordered or absolutely insane in my approach to food.

I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER ENOUGH. If you want to become healthier, happier, and reach specific goals (she does NOT only focus on weight loss) regarding your nutrition, she is the lady you need to talk to. Thank you, Ashley."



"I was struggling with self image issues, eating balanced meals, exercising and just feeling good about myself.

Ashley helped me with action plans, to deal with these issues one step at a time. I still struggle with feeling good about my body and accepting it changes as you grow older. But I am a work in progress and Ashley helps me focus on a few issues at a time. I have also come to appreciate unplugging and focusing on eating and enjoying the taste of food.
I recommend Ashley as a nutrition coach. She is upbeat and listens and hears what I am and not saying. Helps get to the causes and underlying issues. I enjoy the time we spend refocusing my energies to help me feel better about myself."



"Before working with Ashley, I was struggling on how to meal prep/plan. I was so focused on calories and worrying about if I was eating enough protein, carbs, and fats. I thought, in order to get results, I had to weigh my foods and restrict what I was eating.

Now, I've learned about mindful eating and how to trust myself with my food choices. It really is such a stress free relationship to food and I couldn't be happier. I am also allowing myself to eat the foods that I want without going over the point of fullness and I'm still seeing changes in my body! Before working with Ashley, I didn't think that was possible. I highly recommend her as a nutrition coach! I promise, you won't regret it!"



client stories


I am proud that now I actually enjoy planning and preparing meals for the upcoming week. I feel healthier and more positive about my food choices. If you need motivation with improving your diet and/or starting a fitness routine, Ashley encourages clients in a positive way! Making a mistake here and there does not mean that you have failed. Ashley's approach is for a long term lifestyle change, not a short term quick fix.


I worked with Ashley for several years. She is so dedicated and excited to share her knowledge and lifestyle with others. She truly desires to get you to that goal of healthy living. Ashley is so positive and encouraging. She celebrates every milestone with you. She is awesome at this and that is why she is so successful! I highly recommend her services! She will never give up on you or your goals.


I have been practicing everything we have talked about and I've been feeling really great! I want to thank you so much because I was feeling so lost with nutrition back before we started, but small, simple changes have really had the ripple effect for me! I am feeling much more confident about my nutrition, but of course I am learning more everyday! I'm even going to be doing a Certified Nutrition Coach course coming up here soon!


“I was struggling with getting started eating healthier foods and meal prepping for healthy living. I’m proud to have gotten energized for meal planning and healthy eating so that I feel better and can do more physical activities. Working with Ashley is a great place to start, a great way to get new ideas, motivation and accountability to reach your goals!”


"One of my favorite things about Ashley is her desire to continue learning and grow herself. This makes her a great coach and person to have in your corner. She will always be there to celebrate the milestones while still guiding you forward to obtain your goals. "


We’ve seen our clients achieve sustainable, lifelong changes time and again.


"I was really struggling with finding balance. I know the right foods to eat to fuel my body, but for some reason I couldn't find a way for that to not be exhausting to try to think about and plan and measure and count and track to make sure I was hitting all the nutrition targets. I'd get so exhausted from working so hard to eat a balanced diet, that by the weekend when I'd indulge in something I'd been craving, I'd indulge in thirty things I'd been craving and eat junk food for two days. Monday morning always became a time to 'reset' or get 'back to normal' counting, tracking, weighing again. It was an exhausting cycle. I didn't have a sense of how much to eat or when or how to listen to my body.

I have focused very hard on listening to my body and getting a better sense of my hunger and full cues. It turns out I was eating both more than I need and also not as frequently as I need. As incredibly proud of myself as I am for this seemingly obvious idea of eating when your hungry and stopping when you're full, the thing I'm most proud of is something else. I've started listening more to WHAT my body wants, what makes it feel good, and what doesn't make it feel good. There are so many delicious indulgent foods that I've always thought of as "special occasion" or "treat" foods, such as vegan pizza from my favorite pizza place, a heavy meal from an upscale vegan restaurant, etc. However, every time I eat those foods, regardless of quantity, I feel bad. I feel like working with you taught me to find the voice inside me that says, "Hi, please don't eat that food that makes you feel bad. Is it really a special occasion if it makes you sick?"

I really appreciate your approach to working WITH me, and allowing me to find the tools I need at the pace appropriate for my own growth. You didn't prescribe anything specific and never told me I had to do something. Your suggestions were always gentle and rolled out when I was ready to hear them. I also really appreciated the opportunity to push back on some of your suggestions and to debate the merits of things. I feel like your approach has made it so that I can ask myself the hard questions even when we stop working together, so that I don't need to go "oh shoot Ashley didn't tell me what to do here, so I'm going to fail".

I'd say to go for it! It's not a lifetime commitment, but it can make a lifetime of difference. I was on the fence, but then I realized the cost of the coaching each month was basically the same as the cost of 2 therapy sessions, and this is work we don't do in therapy often, so I was glad to invest in this as a form of nutritional therapy."



"Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while adulting is no easy feat. This became especially salient in my life when I was fronted with the demands of an emotionally taxing job and the arduous task of finishing my dissertation. Despite intentions of wanting to hit the gym and prepare plant based meals, I found myself not going to the gym and inconsistently thinking about meal planning. Mindless eating and responding to my late night sweet tooth took less mental energy and felt good, at least in the immediate moment. Despite wanting to decrease the mindless eating and late night snacking, I continued to do both.

I "found" Ashley through a podcast. Moved by her enthusiasm and knowledge, I promptly followed her on instagram so that I could continue to add a thing or two to my plant-based cookbook. A few months ago, I reached out to Ashley on a whim and I am so glad I did!

Ashley has a nonjudgmental and genuine approach. She takes the time to truly understand your concerns and to develop attainable goals that make sense for you. It also helps that her energy is contagious!

Since working with Ashley I have noticed improvements in my ability to observe and describe physical sensations associated with being hungry and full; and with emotional eating. I am learning to not restrict myself (which can be hard as someone who struggles with body image) and instead to trust and listen to my body.

Another thing, since working with Ashley I have streamlined my weekend grocery and meal prepping process, which has resulted in less eating out, less mindless eating throughout the work week, and overall more time to do other things!"



"When I initially reached out to Ashley I was having trouble with constipation. She recommended trying to eliminate animal products (Which I didn’t really care for meat anyways). So I figured…why not?! After doing this for a few weeks- BAM! I was able to go to the bathroom without using medication!! This in itself was a huge deal. After that I decided to delve deeper, and work with Ashley on having a better relationship with food, my body, and also becoming a stronger person. 

She has taught me that no food is “bad” or “good” but to think about what purpose that food serves for my body. I have learned to remove guilt from eating. I am able to listen to my body more and not just eating randomly or binge after restricting. 

She was able to show me how to break the interminable cycle of dieting that I have been doing for so many years, and teach me why it was ok to do this—believe it or not I was actually scare to stop this!!

I love that she gave me tasks to work on every time we met, though they may have seemed small at the time, they enabled me to move at my own speed and really digest them (pun intended lol). Her energy and joy for what she does is contagious and you can’t help but be motivated to work towards your goals. She is such a great coach and resource and unlike most anyone I have ever worked with in the field. She makes the whole adventure very personalized.

 I would recommend her to anyone ready to start living their life as a happy, healthy person that doesn’t have to focus on what they are eating/or not eating 24/7! DO IT!!!"



"I started working with Ashley because I was tired of going from diet to diet, counting calories and being tied to apps. I wanted someone to help me un-learn dieting and learn healthy eating. As a vegetarian it was important that I worked with a plant based nutritionist that understood a plant based diet. I also wanted to work on some bad eating habits that I had built over the years. Ashley is also helping me lower my cholesterol with my diet.

In the time I’ve spent with Ashley I have been able to control my emotional eating, which was the worst habit I had. It is also liberating to drop the diet mentality. I don’t think I had realized how much energy and time I had spent on monitoring my food. I have learned to look at food in a different way and no longer feel deprived or in conflict about what I’m eating.

What I like about working is that there is no judgment, she helps you find your own way to reach your goals. She is very encouraging and knowledgeable and helps you create a plan that is manageable. Why I would recommend Ashley Is because her approach is more about helping you understand your relationship with food and showing you how to get back to that place where you trust your body to know what it needs. She is not going to put you on a diet or make you feel bad for eating “bad food”, instead she will teach you how to trust yourself. And as I mentioned earlier, being diet free is great."



"Spending many hours reading and researching food – I was unsure of the right route to take, looking up over complicated recipes that I would never make. Overeating in one sitting and then not feeling well after. Working on improving labs – Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Thyroid etc. Spending quite a bit on the grocery bill and having quite a bit of waste as well. Spending hours with meal prepping and eating out. Wanting to be more active with running.
I’ve learned to ask myself the why and how – why do I want something that may not be the best option, how do I feel when I eat it - during and after (Mindful eating), why do I want to eliminate things from my diet. Recognizing that although the taste in that moment may feel satisfying, afterwards I know I don’t feel satisfied. 

I attempted to work with a dietitian before and for various reasons, I did not continue after the first session. Working with Ashley – it is a partnership, a support system and a professional who is very knowledgeable in the nutrition industry. Ashley listens, provides guidance, goals, feedback and invests in her client’s health and wellness.

Stop hesitating, Stop looking at social media posts and thinking about taking the first step. Do your due diligence on the Dietitians you are considering so you know it is the right fit. Make yourself first and be open to allowing the Dietitian to steer you in the right direction to meet your goals. Once you start working with a Dietitian, you will ask yourself why you waited so long."



"Prior to working with Ashley, I was really struggling to manage my weight. No matter what strategy I tried (logging food in an app, counting calories, tracking macronutrients, reducing carbs, eating boring and bland so called “healthy” food, etc.) the number on the scale kept increasing. Additionally, I just didn’t feel well. I was tired or exhausted most days regardless of how much sleep I had gotten.

Ashley helped me realize that I was doing a lot of mindless eating, including grabbing handfuls of snack food, eating everything on my plate regardless of my hunger, and eating meals with many distractions. We have been working together to break these habits and now I eat much more consciously. I have learned to eat when I truly am hungry and to stop eating when I am satisfied and not overly full. Changing these habits has been hugely beneficial to me. I have lost a lot of the feelings of guilt and shame that I would have after overeating and the number on the scale has finally started to go down.

I highly recommend working with Ashley because she takes a very personal approach in her coaching. Rather than just give you a copy of a generic meal plan, Ashley takes the time to get to know you. She works with you to learn your goals and makes unique recommendations to help you achieve them one step at a time. Ashley has such a great spirit and she is so motivating. We celebrate each victory during our coaching sessions. She is also super positive and encouraging even if you fall short of one of your goals, and will work with you on a plan to get back on track."


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