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YESS!! Read that again!⁠⁠The start of a new year brings with it fad diets, resets, and restrictions after the festive season all of which are a trap bc it’s only fueling a sh*tty relationship with food and yourself!⁠So, this is a reminder, that just because it’s a new year, it does *not* mean you have […]

new year's resolutions

It’s veganuary time!⁠⁠Overall, veganuary is very positive…inspiring people to eat more plants, woohoo! However, it can be seen as a diet and a restrictive way to start being plant-based! ⁠⁠So, if you’re thinking of starting your plant-based journey with the support of veganuary, here are a few things to remember: ⁠⁠Do your research before jumping […]

how to approach veganuary

Starting your plant based journey can be hard! In my latest series of posts on instagram I talked about the process of getting started on a plant based diet. So if you’re new to it, struggling to stick with it, or looking into starting it for the new year, here are some tips to help […]

where to start when you're new to plant based eating

Who’s guilty of saying this…. “I shouldn’t eat that because…”⁠?⁠When we RESTRICT ourselves it’s so hard to create a sustainable lifestyle in which we’re confident and happy!⁠ So, here are a few things to tell yourself if you’re starting to feel guilty. Stopping The Guilt: Find a food mantra you can recite when feelings of […]

You’ve heard ⁠about “The Diet Cycle” enough. Let’s switch it up and talk about what this Mindful Eating cycle looks like today.⁠So, how does it work? ⁠⁠This model was developed my Michelle May, MD. It can teach us how to develop awareness with our experiences, internal cues, and feelings about food.⁠ It helps shift the […]

mindful eating cycle

Food is not the enemy⁠. Diet culture is⁠!⁠ SAY IT LOUDER!⁠⁠It takes a lot of intentional work to get to a place where you can let go of the diet mentality…we’re surrounded by it!⁠ In today’s fast paced society, there’s always a sexy “quick fix” being thrown at us…supplements, detoxes, fat burning pills⁠. But moving […]

mindful eating versus diet mentality

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to stick to a diet? Because your body is telling you uhh nuh uh! Where’s the food at?!⁠ With it being Monday and especially with the Holiday season coming up I thought I would chat really quick about the vicsious cycle we sometimes get ourselves in. So you over-indulged […]

When I turned plant based, Nick carried on his usual diet. He did actually choose to be plant based 4 years after (which has made things a lot easier!) ⁠⁠BUT if your partner isn’t planning to join the plant based life any time soon, here are a few things we learned which may help if […]


Diets fail most of the time…like 95% of the time! And even when they work, only a small number of people actually MAINTAIN the weight loss long-term but most will gain it back. This is why so many people get stuck in this never ending diet cycle. The cycle is also damaging to our metabolism, […]


YES! Ever said this…”I need to go for a run after all that cake I ate…”⁠⁠When you use exercise as a “calorie burner” you may start to resent the exercise and not enjoy it because you’re only doing it from a place of guilt. BUT when you shift your focus to notice how it feels […]


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Practicing mindful eating can help you build confidence with your eating habits, contribute to satisfaction in eating, and help you distinguish between emotional and physical hunger.

This guided eating activity uses the Intuitive Eating Awareness Training (iEAT) to help you begin practicing inner awareness, presence, and mindfulness when eating. Here’s what’s included: 

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