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Need some meal prep inspiration heading into the weekend? Check out these ideas! And if you’re more of a batch-prep kind of person you can mix and match some of these ideas to create your own weekly meal plan! Pumpkin Spice Steel Cut Oats Lentil, leek and beet salad Apricot walnut energy bites Meal Prep […]

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Who loves a fun plant-based cheese alternative?! Cheese can be one of the hardest things for people to give up when transitioning to a plant-based diet. And yes, there are ways to make you own cheese sauces but not everyone has the time, money or energy to soak cashews overnight anytime they want pizza. I […]

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Your plant-based menu for the week…sorted!⠀⁠⠀If you need some plant-based meal inspiration and feel like you’re making the same meal every night, save these yummy meal ideas to try this week!⁠⠀⁠⠀One tip I love doing is having the same base…but add different toppings or extras to mix it up! You can use these as inspiration, […]

One of the biggest struggles and questions I get about becoming plant-based is getting variety in meals! ⁠⁠With meal prepping, it can be challenging to avoid the monotony of eating the same meals for 5 days straight, but there are little tweaks you can make to change things up and avoid boredom with your food. […]

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Check out my recipe video for this bad boy here! Instructions are also typed out below. This is a great sandwich for when you’re really craving grilled cheese. You might htink thats not something you can have when switching to a plant-based diet! But these days there are so many vegan cheese options out there. […]

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Oatmeal IS THE BEST! It’s exciting, versatile, and delicious!⁠ Not to mention oatmeal i packed with fiber, protein, and many vitamins and minerals we need for a healthy start to the day. This post is all about the different ways you can make oatmeal and the different add-ins and toppings you can choose from. Get […]

The weather is FINALLY cooling off here in NC. If you’re a fan of autumn and winter comfort food, here are some great gluten-free AND plant-based meal prep ideas for the week. And it’s not just your usual pumpkin spice oatmeal and bowl of chili. I like to mix it up sometimes so meal planning […]

It is that time of year for sure. Even though the 70 degree weather refuses to leave us here in NC (not complaining), pumpkin season is still in full swing and this hearty, fall-flavored soup will be a must-make this winter. Whether you’re using fresh or canned pumpkin, this is a great one to whip […]

It’s NOVEMBER! Already?! It’s crazy, I know. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away I thought I might use that as some inspiration for this week’s meal prep ideas. Breakfast: Pumpkin Scones Easily made gluten-free by subbing out the all-purpose flour for a GF flour blend. I chose to use vegan butter in this recipe […]

Thanksgiving Inspired Meal Prep

This week’s meal prep is entirely fall-themed. Some of the best foods for fall are those made with pumpkins, apples, other fall squashes and of course any bowl that is warm and cozy like chili’s, curries, and soups! Here are some ideas to kick off a week of chilier weather (maybe? or is it still […]

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