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It’s veganuary time!⁠⁠Overall, veganuary is very positive…inspiring people to eat more plants, woohoo! However, it can be seen as a diet and a restrictive way to start being plant-based! ⁠⁠So, if you’re thinking of starting your plant-based journey with the support of veganuary, here are a few things to remember: ⁠⁠Do your research before jumping […]

how to approach veganuary

We’re heading into the New Year…where we see lots of post Christmas diets and New Year’s weight loss plans!⁠⁠I’m seen more and more people become or promote vegan/plant-based so they can lose weight. This is a reminder that plant-based should not be misused as a weight loss diet and just bc you’re plant-based doesn’t automatically […]

plant based is not a fad diet

Constipation at Christmas…I’ve definitely experienced it!⁠We all enjoy a bit more yummy food at Christmas, as we should! But this can mean that we are more likely to experience bloating and/or constipation!⁠So, here are some things you can do to help keep things moving and still enjoy all the foodie goodness:⁠ Focus on the Fruits […]

easing the holiday constipation woes

Starting your plant based journey can be hard! In my latest series of posts on instagram I talked about the process of getting started on a plant based diet. So if you’re new to it, struggling to stick with it, or looking into starting it for the new year, here are some tips to help […]

where to start when you're new to plant based eating

One of the biggest struggles and questions I get about becoming plant-based is getting variety in meals! ⁠⁠With meal prepping, it can be challenging to avoid the monotony of eating the same meals for 5 days straight, but there are little tweaks you can make to change things up and avoid boredom with your food. […]

how to add variety into your diet

This dates back to a LONG time ago but it still stands! ⁠⁠There is so much meat produced these days and eating meat every day, even at every meal, has become the norm…but as humans we don’t actually need to eat it every day, if at all!⁠⁠⁠Even the dietary guidelines for Americans state in an […]

humans don't need meat every day

Having a plant-based diet can REDUCE your blood pressure!! Say…whaat?!?⁠If you have high blood pressure, it usually means you end up taking medication BUT eating whole, plant-based foods can potentially help bring your blood pressure down and may even reduce your need for medication! ⁠How Does Plant-Based Eating Help?⁠ Fruits and vegetables are rich in […]

plant based and blood pressure

Check out my recipe video for this bad boy here! Instructions are also typed out below. This is a great sandwich for when you’re really craving grilled cheese. You might htink thats not something you can have when switching to a plant-based diet! But these days there are so many vegan cheese options out there. […]

epic vegan grilled cheese sandwich

This is one of the most common changes people experience when they go plant-based! This is what some of my coaching clients said after they’d started their plant-based journey:⁠ “I don’t drink a third Monster during the day. You know that’s huge for me!”⁠ “I’m not having that afternoon slump like I used to. What […]

how energy levels are affected by plant based diets

How much soy should you eat? A VERY common question when you turn plant-based!⁠ A lot of plant-based foods use soy as an alternative, so we can end up having a lot more soy in our meals than we’re used to…but how much is too much?⁠⁠ I recommend 0-3 servings a day.⁠⁠Some doctors or researchers […]

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