Confidence starts with attainable goals and a big serving of encouragement.

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Find the whole-food, plant-centered lifestyle that suits you. 

Make it simple. Make it sustainable. Make it delicious. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people who were discouraged by strict diets and overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. I also know first-hand what it’s like to struggle with food-related GI and health issues... It is not a good time!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Virtual Nutrition Coach

Hey! I’m Ashley.

Your goals are our goals

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Perfection is so boring. We’re going for progress

We’re all on a different journey and nutrition doesn’t look exactly the same for any two people. To build sustainable healthful eating habits, you need a personalized approach and a deep-dive into the root causes of your concerns.

Take it step-by-step. 

My motto?

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• Guided training video

Practicing mindful eating can help you build confidence with your eating habits, contribute to satisfaction in eating, and help you distinguish between emotional and physical hunger.

This guided eating activity uses the Intuitive Eating Awareness Training (iEAT) to help you begin practicing inner awareness, presence, and mindfulness when eating. Here’s what’s included: 

Eating Mindfully

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"The amount of guidance, principles, positivity, structure, and altogether healing she has brought to my life in such a short amount of time… it’s all so priceless."

I can’t count the ways Ashley has helped me.


"She is very in tune with finding the why and how rather than just count calories and macros. Mindful eating has helped so much! If you are struggling with how food makes you feel, either mentally or physically, Ashley is for you."

Ashley’s approach to nutrition is different.


I’ve learned to let go of the diet culture mentality, heal my relationship with food, and finally start to love and appreciate my body for all it has done for me.

I’m so grateful I have her in my corner. 

- Amanda

"I’ve learned about mindful eating and how to trust myself with my food choices. It really is such a stress free relationship to food and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend her as a nutrition coach!"

I promise, you won’t regret it!

- Maria

"[Ashley's] approach more about helping you understand your relationship with food and showing you how to get back to that place where you trust your body to know what it needs. She is not going to put you on a diet or make you feel bad for eating “bad food”, instead she will teach you how to trust yourself."  

Ashley helps you find your own way to reach your goals

- Myriam

"[Ashley's] energy and joy for what she does is contagious and you can’t help but be motivated to work towards your goals. She is such a great coach and resource and unlike most anyone I have ever worked with in the field."

 I would recommend her to anyone

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